I love this film. So much, that on some difficult days at work, I’d play this one and feel grateful that fate has given me these people to work with. We may not be related by blood, but they are as much a family to me as I am to them.

Couldn’t be happier that Threelogy did the video. I have been friends with them for more than a decade now and we have shared more than a hundred weddings between us. I know for a fact that their candid and witty approach will work best with my staff. They have always presented weddings as it should be – festive, real and just full of love. I guess it’s their uncanny ability to make their subjects comfortable in front of the camera that does this for them. I never had doubts that I’d enjoy this film but it did exceed my expectations. I was laughing and crying the entire time. I saw my team as I see them everyday. I listened to them speak the way I hear them at work. They are as real as they can get, not actors, just them. The very same people I love.

Thank you Bong, Jon and CJ. Thank you for taking care of my staff. Thank you for giving life and pride to the people behind the beautiful gowns. Thank you for sharing one of my blessings.