Custom Made Process

About the Line

Veluz is based in Manila. Philippine orders are by appointment.
Please proceed to our Contact page to get in touch.Orders outside the Philippines are most welcome.
We have been providing custom made gowns for overseas clients under the SEEDS label since 1999.
If you are interested in our Ready-to-Wear line, please proceed to our Online Store.Below is an overview of how to avail of your own custom made Veluz gown.

Order Overview

They say you shouldn’t buy anything over the internet that you have to fit.

We agree.

That’s why we send you a made-to-measure fitting garment in the appropriate fabric for you to try on. Alterations can then be identified on this garment and the fit perfected before proceeding with the actual garment. Note though that our correspondence and your cooperation have a direct effect on the outcome.

Please do not be limited by the styles and designs that we have presented here. If you can think it, draw it, communicate it – chances are, we can make it.

Interactive Pricing

Our prices – like our gowns – are made to measure. We call it Interactive Pricing. Everything is negotiable and work on your order will not proceed without your confirmation.

Prices for orders outside the Philippines are computed in Philippine Pesos (PhP) and converted to US Dollar ($) at the time payment is made using prevailing rates on Our clients in Europe and the North Americas can rest assured that the price you are quoted is the same had you been sitting across Veluz’ desk in our Manila studio. Furthermore, we do not inflate our prices. Ever.

The price of every gown ordered is computed individually based on choice of fabric, level of difficulty and extent of embellishment (beads, hand paint, airbrush, appliqué, embroidery by machine or hand, etc.).

Please be aware that our prices quoted do NOT include shipping charges unless otherwise stated. Our preferred courier is LBC for domestic and FedEx or DHL for international. The client is responsible for local duties or taxes where applicable.

Upon confirmation of order, a Letter of Agreement will be made specifying details of your order, price and work schedule.


Place Order

Contact Veluz thru our contact page or email her directly at


Veluz will reply with design and price ideas thus beginning your OBLIGATION-FREE CONSULTATION. This may take several emails until you are satisfied with the designs and prices. Be prepared to divulge personal information like your weight, body type, girth and design preferences. When satisfied, confirm.

Confirmation of Order and Down Payment

As is the general rule when ordering custom made, a confirmation payment is required to book the order. The amount shall be equivalent to 25% of the total order. Upon confirmation, expect to receive your design portfolio containing:

  • Made-to-measure fitting garment in muslin fabric and styled to your order
  • Fabric swatches
  • Sample design embellishments
  • Letter of agreement with work schedule
  • Detailed instructions with tips in fitting the sample garment

Contents of the portfolio vary with the order.


Proceed with Fitting the sample garment. Take notes and preferably pictures as well – front, back and side.
Confirm that you want to proceed with actual production by making payment (25% of total price).

Actual Production

Armed with the results of your fitting, we are now ready to begin Actual Production. You will be informed regularly on the status of production and photos may be sent as needed. Your approval or clarification may be sought occasionally and you are of course welcome to inquire anytime.


When your order is done and ready, photos will be sent to you together with the bill for the full amount and appropriate shipping charges.

Fitting Guarantee

Hold the final 5% of your payment until you have received, fitted and inspected your gown and accessories. This is your fitting guarantee. Should you require the services of a seamstress or alterations specialist for minimal final changes, send us a copy of the bill and we will promptly deduct this from your remaining balance.

Otherwise promptly remit the final payment.