Browsed thru my Dropbox recently and found some treasure :-). This happened 4 years ago while shooting catalog photos of my 2017 RTW line.  The dresses were launched,  I just wasn’t able to share my thoughts about the editorial shoot we did right after. I browsed thru the album and once again the images made me smile. not only about the dresses, but everything that complimented them.  I am sharing the images now, because I believe these will inspire the countless couples now who are planning their intimate weddings.

I normally ask my dear friends Ernest Pascual and Teddy Manuel to help me on my RTW shoots. Perks of being friends with industry’s bests – I need not think because they’ll do it for me, and I get more time to concentrate on my gowns. I just let them have fun doing what they do best and for sure, they’ll deliver. As expected, I was blown away by their work on this shoot.

The styling and set up they did tickled all our creative senses that we decided to shoot a lot more images than we planned. The gowns were no longer just the focus, we felt that the images we can create that day can inspire couples wishing for a rustic feel for their wedding.

Loads of leaves and what-nots combined with wedding details carefully laid out to achieve that effortless chic. Deep greens, beiges and golds which would normally look dark and gloomy brought warmth and romance. The lights, nonchalantly placed in unexpected places didn’t look chaotic. I really have no idea how their minds worked but the output they produced made me swoon. Literally made me want to hold an event so I can share and enjoy the scene, wining and dining, with the people I love.

All the elements combined, not one detail overpowering another, everything just blended perfectly. The images we’ve created are eloquently elegant yet familiar. The images made me smile and warmed my soul. I somehow expected that to happen because I was working with friends I trust, adore and admire. There’s visual harmony and there is love ❤️