Weddings now are very different from the time I got married 20 years ago. Not just because of the fun hashtags but every aspect involves a lot more planning now and a lot more people. Before, book a reception venue, and practically half of the wedding planning is done. Now, it just marks the beginning. Aside from the caterer and menu choice, a stylist should be booked, to go with the lights and sounds. Entrance and ceiling design, table  or lounge for the couple, cake table or ropes from the ceiling. Live music or piped in, quartet or live band or both, two emcees or just one. Makes sense actually when you’re planning to share the day with more than 600 guests. Everything has to be planned and executed to perfection.

I have nothing against grand weddings. I actually can’t help but be mesmerized whenever I see weddings that I know would cost the entire tertiary level of my 4 kids all the way to their post grad!! Haha!! Oh how I love those weddings! I am astounded and thankful that I get to see weddings like those.

The same way I feel giddy too when I witness intimate weddings. Those with less but still utterly remarkable. The soft nuances of love always leave me swooning.

This is what we had in mind when we were planning for my Veluz RTW shoot. A modern wedding with less than a hundred guests, exclusive venue, subtle music, good conversation, champagne and love.

As usual, I asked my good friends to work with us. I asked Atom and Issa Ungson, who got married a year ago, to model for us. They are the perfect modern couple. Both accomplished and secured with their work; friends and lovers, wine and cheese kind of couple. I asked Jeff and Lisa to capture the images because I’ve always loved their subtle way of capturing romance and elegance. Ernest Pascual of Bespoke Manila and Teddy Manuel for the styling. I am always enamored by Ernest’s exquisite taste and Teddy’s versatility.  Their work, from the really grand ones to the intimate ones are always well composed. Not overly done, just perfect.

GRIT provided the impeccably done suits for Atom.

Madge Lejano and Carlene Lucero of The Make-up Studio Team for Issa’s hair and make-up

Mannix Pena for the very beautiful cake.

Special thanks to Discovery Primea. Their Flame Restaurant with the floor to ceiling windows and amazing cityscape providing the perfect backdrop. Huge thanks to Marbee Shing Go, Margaux Hontiveros and Christine Ong Te for making this happen.

I hope the following images will inspire couples in celebrating their wedding day being their own unique self and their own brand of love.