I believe it is never too late to say thank you to the genius behind this film. It has always been my dream to be filmed by the inimitable Jason Magbanua. I may not have been in front of the camera but thru the words of my brides and Jason’s storytelling, the film was able to present exactly how I wish my brides would feel about that most special dress, that special bond between my brides and I. That thing that gives meaning to our work and what a Veluz bride is. The film, so powerful in its simplicity, delved deep into our core and defined us. Definitely beyond our capacity to do so.

Thank you Jason for this. Thank you for the friendship too. Your work and your incessant passion inspire me all the time.

Endless thanks to my brides who took time to be part of this. You all make me go on. I am infinitely grateful.

And Weddings At Work for the fulfilment of this dream.