Nov 3 – my Bithia’s 5th birthday. went to the mall with husband and kids. taught her a valuable lesson – the pleasure of shopping. giddy. happy.

nov 4 – fittings, fittings, fittings. tired but happy.

nov 5 – wedding – bride very happy, me proud. happy.

nov 6 – party for me and Bithia with closest friends and family. magic sing. old jokes. happy.

nov. 7 – my birthday, had my first one whole day off with my husband in months.
hmmmmm, pleasure. happy.

nov. 8 – went to my husband’s farm, his shrimps are growing, everything ok. delighted husband. i walked and walked and walked along a 5″ concrete dike, scared out of my wits, saw the shrimps, looked plenty delicious. exhausted, hungry but happy.

nov. 9 – this.

grateful. very happy!


Life is Good. Thank You God