I love browsing thru wedding magazines to check out styles and get inspiration. Once in a while, I rip out pages showing gowns that made my heart skip.

This was one of them.

I think its the spunk of the bride which made me like it. Traditional yet edgy.

When I met Cynch and her mom, I knew she was the one. 🙂 She listens to her mom but I sensed her independence. She was always smiling but her eyebrow movement spoke louder!

Sweet yet Strong, like a dark chocolate. 🙂

I didn’t have this picture with me then, so i drew it from memory, revised it a bit and laid-out where the handpainting will be. Cynch and her mom liked it! Yey!! I was so happy, from that moment on, I knew this gown will be great, because it was her.

I’m not really very fond of accentuating the top part and the hemline at the same time. I feel the gown loses focus and it tends to “measure” the wearer. And I dont really want over embellished gowns that rob attention from the face. I strongly believe that the gown should compliment the bride — not outshine her. But somehow, I knew Cynch can pull this off. She is not one to be outshined easily.

Thank God, I was right. She pulled it off marvelously. She was sooooo beautiful during her wedding and her gown was just soooo great!!!

Up to now, I am still complimented on how great her gown was.
It’s not just the gown, it’s her 🙂

O diva?