“Hay!, Ganda ko talaga dun sa picture na ‘yun. I have to have that picture… that will look good in my website, kakahiya naman to approach Dino for that..ay sandali, baka manalo ko, la akong speech, naku! ay, ambitious ko naman, kakahiya”

those were my exact thougts when a bigger picture of me filled the screen. Niko screamed. My husband was busy taking a video of me with his P910i.

I am the supplier of the year!!!

Ay grabe! And then I was seeing everything through a veil – beaded and appliqued,hahaha! and I was lost for words. I swear, minsan lang mangyari yun 🙂 Ganito kaya ang feeling sa Oscars?! hehehehe!

Days before, I was endlesslly receiving text messages, calls and emails from clients congratulating me and expressing their wishes for me to win or that they indeed voted for me.
It was deeply touching.

Di naman siguro, sobra naman na yun..

But I won! I am sooooooooo grateful!


You have made me and my family so happy and proud that night.

I went straight to my parent’s house after the party. I showed them my trophy and savoured watching my dad’s face beam with pride. It was priceless.
“Galing anak!” and patted my shoulder.

Side note – as far as my Dad knows, he sent me to UP to to take up Biology. It has always been his dream that I become a doctor. But I chickened out sometime between the frog and the cat spread eagle on dissecting trays. It wasn’t until I went onstage to take a bow at a fashion show in my junior year that he started having doubts.

My mom was so happy!

Side note ulit – The mom, on the other hand, had always known and supported my career choice. My mom has always been a fashionista. And she’s the constant spoiler and benefactor of my sewers. Provider of everyday merienda to my sewers and recipient of all excess materials. You dont have any idea how many matching skirt and purses she has. Pati shoes and brooches ni Niko, di pinapatawad! Hay naku! Sobrang happy si mommy talaga, kakatawa!

It was a great night, I was so happy Rene was there and I was able to thank Niko and my sewers when I made the speech for the top 5.

My mom prepared a sumptuous lunch for my sewers the following day, and it was endless kwentuhan. Ang saya saya! Gamit na gamit ang P910i ko! Ang liit ng screen pero pinagtyagaan talaga nilang panoorin!

I thank God for John and Benz‘s brilliant minds.
I thank God for my husband who constantly believes I can make it big.
and of course, to my brides and all the W@Wies, I pray and strive to give you the same happiness and fulfillment you have given me that night.

Thank you so much!