Dear Ms. V,

This could be just one of the many messages you will ever receive.

I just want to thank you for making our wedding day very memorable 🙂  These trimmings are just a bonus for what weddings and marriages should be in reality.

I had no set plans or images of a perfect or dream wedding for myself nor had a concrete idea idea of what my dream wedding gown should appear or look like.  You made it all happen and the little to no expectation I had surprised my husband and I in many ways… Thank you for being more than just a designer but also a person with a real touch for the human soul.  Ms. V, thank you!! 🙂



PS.  Just like most of your brides, I really do miss visiting your place especially getting to talk with your staff.  I enjoyed every bit of the preparations especially my fittings …. 🙁




Photos by Bordoy Viterbo