I did Charina’s debutante gown ten years ago.  Before that, I did her cousin Joan’s wedding gown in 2000 and Jovy’s and Sarah’s wedding gowns thereafter.

Back then I had nothing.  Just the desire to make beautiful gowns.   I didn’t have a shop then, so with the husband driving for me, I went to their houses to fit them. Houses, dorms, hotel restrooms and mall fitting rooms.  Clad with my sewing box in one hand and the fitting gowns on the other.
No assistants, just me.

Those were tough times, but I was learning.
I had nothing yet to show then but they trusted.
And that I will never forget.

I must admit, I tear up a bit when I saw Joan, Jovy and Sarah at Charina’s wedding.  I suddenly remembered how it was and how different it is now.  Their eyes lit up too when they saw me, their smiles were too familiar and their hugs the warmest.  It felt just like yesterday.  I was overwhelmed with gratitude for the Big Guy up there. And then I realized, it’s still the same.  I may now have a fitting staff, I may no longer carry a sewing box and clients now come to me for fittings, but the desire to make beautiful gowns is still there.  And the happiness I see in their faces and the absolute joy it gives me still remain. 🙂




My beautiful brides, Sarah, Jovy, Charina and Joan 🙂
Forever proud of you girls, thank you for the love and the trust, through the years 🙂

Photo by Eugene Martinez