She said hello with a faint smile when she entered my office.  And I thought, uh-oh this is trouble 🙂  Scrap lace, and all those intricate and dainty stuff, she’s definitely not the typical romantic bride.  This girl is scene-stealing glitz.
I did the sketch and presented the details, just a little chit-chat, not much 🙂  I was even thinking the entire time,  “hey this is my turf, you can’t intimidate me!” hahaha!
I was actually surprised when she confirmed less than a week later and Alvin, her fiance then, husband now, paid the entire amount in full.

So much trust. 🙂
So much pressure… :/

Every fitting she’d be on time, not a single friend, only her dog. Ok, so should we talk to the dog now?  “Hey Bentley, you think she’s happy? Arf arf?”
Each time I’m baffled if she’s liking the gown or not.
Oh whatever, I love how it’s turning out and she may not admit it, but it’s her 🙂

I was extremely happy when on our final fitting, she blurted out “this gown is unbelievable”
I knew then, I nailed it 🙂
Was I happy?
oh happiness is an understatement 🙂 

Dear Veluz, 

It’s been almost 6 months since I got married and it was only last week that I saw THE DRESS again.  My driver and I are both absentminded hence the 6 month delay of picking it up after the cleaning and preservation.

I may be absentminded with errands but I will never forget THE DRESS.

Do you remember that you called me weird for always going to fittings all by myself?  I purposely had no entourage because the truth is, I was selfish.  I did not want anyone to have a preview of the most beautiful gown I would wear at the most important time of my life at the time it was being created. I did not want comments from anyone but yourself about how it should look.  The creation of THE DRESS  was the time I saw your genius in its full glory.  I knew you made beautiful gowns but you truly exceeded my expectations.

Not only do you master the woman’s body, you match THE DRESS with the bride’s personality.  In our first meeting together, you read me perfectly and created… RED CARPET BRIDAL.

The bride usually outshines everyone on her wedding day but you physically made sure that even if the lights were off, everyone would have their eyes on me.  Quoting you, “ikaw na ikaw yan, MALDITA”

It’s been almost 6 months since I got married but I still hear compliments about THE DRESS.  It just shows how timeless you are and your wonderful masterpieces  A very big thank you for not only making me very happy on my wedding day but also for making other people remember it as one of the best wedding dresses they have ever seen.

Abby Salgado – Go 



Photos by Francis Perez for Pat Dy

Bentley, the dog 🙂