Cristina is based overseas.  Never met her in person to discuss the design and the details of her gown, much less fit her. She’s getting married in Cabo, Mexico and she has no plans of visiting the Philippines, at all. Everything from the design to the fitting were done online.  We do this on a regular basis, nothing new really since we already have a system for this.  But what made her truly memorable, even for my staff was the amount of confidence she gave us.

After sending the sketch and finalizing the cost and the working schedule.  She never followed up.  Not a single email.  We had our online fitting which is practically a perfect fit – the shortest ever probably 🙂  We spent the entire time just giggling.  She was awesome! but after that,  we didn’t hear again from her.  We sent her the pictures of the finished product and again, no word from her.  She replied after a week expressing her happiness of the finished product.  We were so relieved!  We asked her again where we can ship since it’s about two weeks na to the wedding and it took her another week to reply!!

We thought then, oh she probably has another gown for back-up.  She couldn’t be this lax.  This is probably just a reception gown or just a back-up gown.

Then we got this.  From the groom —

Hi Ma’am Veluz.  My name is Ollie (not to be confused with Oly of Metrophoto) and I just want to say what a wonderful gown you made for my wife, Cristina.  Superr ganda po! Let’s just say that when I saw her walk down the aisle, “sand”got into my eye. Hehehe.  It was worth the wait. I mean pag pinakita nya po yung pics sa mga bridesmaids nya eh lahat naglalakihan po yung mga mata.  So when I finally saw it, I know now what they saw.  Neways, thank you again.  You made Cristina the most beautiful bride I ever laid eyes on. 🙂

Thank you Ollie!
Happiness indeeed 🙂
Can’t thank you enough Cristina for the trust you so willingly gave us.  Big big hugs to Oly of Metrophoto too for recommending us to Cristina and Ollie.  Amazing photos Oly, it was so hard to choose!
















Wedding and Trash the Dress photos by Oly Ruiz of Metrophoto