She was in a crisp, casual white when I met her and wearing blings that were so well put together.
Her arm candy was tall, dashing and definitely her best accessory that time πŸ™‚
She had no pegs on hand, but I knew instantly what would suit her.
She can pull it off, only her….
Once in awhile, I get that feeling, of knowing one person instantly – felt it when I met her.
I can feel my excitement inside but I had to make small talk so I asked her what her color or theme would be and she said, plum and green.
“No, you’re not!” Oops! there goes my being proper, my mouth got ahead of me πŸ™
She raised her eyebrow a bit, so I said, “Please, just give this a shot.”
I gave her this –

Photo by Mango Red

She is undeniably pink and black, perfect balance of strength and femininity.
I was almost finished sketching the dress, when she suddenly blurted out – “don’t show it to me!! Oh my God! I won’t be able to sleep!!”

I knew then that I was right, she is pink and black πŸ™‚

here’s their awesome video by Phoeben Teocson

albert & jamie – same day edit from phoeben teocson on Vimeo.

and some photos from her sister :

Blessed new year everyone!