This bride is one of my favorites.

She is one crazy girl – she wanted it strapless, I wanted it V – deep and wide. It got so difficult for her to decide, she posted her pictures online with the choice of necklines and took a poll. Hehehe and of course I won, by a landslide 🙂

We got on so well that fittings became reasons for us to meet and chika. Back then, I was still working from home. She was there when we had our garden landscaped. We even had one fitting that she went out and had her pictures taken in the garden wearing her lining.

I’m so used to dealing with brides and their grooms, but they were pleasantly different. I was very comfortable with them. They hadn’t the slightest pretensions. They were in-love, but not mushy. They can afford it, but they never flaunted. They were real and I love them 🙂 I was excited for them and couldn’t wait to see her walk down the aisle. I was sure she’ll be beautiful and he’ll be waiting for her,looking so dashing, just like in the movies.

Then came that moment …
“okay game na po, eto na :-)” Niko and I assisted her in getting out of the car . .

Bride : Eto na?! as in???!!! shit!! @#%^!! Naku!! Shit! Parang sumasakit yung tyan ko! Grabe!!!!! Sandali. sandali. Ano ba ‘to?!!

Niko and I laughed. She was babbling! The profanity she was dishing out was just amazing.
When we got over it, and it seemed like she was done as well, we fixed her veil and fixed her train. I pronounced her ready . . . But wait!

Bride : SHIIIIIITTTT!!!! AAAARGGHHHHHH!!! AHHHHHH!!!! AHHH! HAH! HAH! HA! HA! (deep breathing) (inhale) (exhale) BRRRRRRRRRR ANO BAH!!!??!!
She rotated her head then shook it briskly!
Niko and I stared. Stunned.
We’ve never seen anyone prepare like this before. And we’ve seen plenty. She was like a boxer warming up to enter the ring! Hahaha!

And then.
The door slowly opened. She took one deep breath. Then walked.
She walked gracefully, the picture of perfect femininity. And he was there at the end of her walk, Yes, just like in the movies. Awe and Aww from everyone.

If only they saw how the leading lady was before the scene 😉