It was either a month of checking out the bridal scene in Australia and touristing with my brother there or a week in Boracay with the entire family.
Figured Sydney can wait, my brides here cant 🙂

So here I am on the phone with a bride(zilla) in Boracay

Puka Beach. My husband tells me this is how white beach was in 1990 when he first came here. Not seen in this photo but THE Shang-rila Hotel is under construction here.

Ang Cute.

The reasons Boracay prevailed.

My 7-yr old panganay insists on using the camera. This is Boracay through his eyes perched on his dad.
Ang bunso sakay kay yaya at ang tanawin sa bangketa.

Crests of Courage when you get through the Depths of Despair. No premyo if you know what I’m talking about. Everyone got one including the yayas.